Monday, June 20, 2016

Ten Movies on an Island: Olivia de Havilland

Obviously I love Olivia de Havilland (otherwise I wouldn't be co-hosting a blogathon for her in a week and a half). Ever since I saw her in The Adventures of Robin Hood when I was little I thought her to be one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. When I was older and saw her in They Died with Their Boots on, I discovered just how fantastic she is as an actress. Since then I have watched several of her films and inevitably have come up with some favorites. Here they are:
1. The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) - Errol Flynn (airing July 1)
2. Gone With the Wind (1939) - Vivien Leigh & Clark Gable (airing July 1)
3. My Love Came Back (1940) - Jane Wyman & Eddie Albert (airing July 23)
4. The Strawberry Blonde (1941) - James Cagney (airing July 22)
5. They Died with Their Boots on (1941) - Errol Flynn (airing July 8)
6. The Male Animal (1942) - Henry Fonda (airing July 29)
7. Princess O'Rourke (1943) - Robert Cummings (airing July 30)
8. The Dark Mirror (1946) - herself (not being shown but on YT)
9. The Heiress (1949) - Montgomery Clift (airing July 15)
10. My Cousin Rachel (1952) - Richard Burton (airing July 22)
Honorable Mentions: Alibi Ike (1935), and The Irish in Us (1935) or Wings of the Navy (1939) - can't remember which one I liked better as they are very similar. They are also airing on TCM in July.

I am very excited that Olivia is TCM's Star of the Month for July. I particularly want to see Four's a Crowd and Raffles. I've been freeing up my dvr in anticipation. Which films are you looking forward to seeing? Have you signed up for the blogathon? It's not too late!!

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