Saturday, November 2, 2019

Movies I Watched in October

Count Your Blessings

This month I watched so many movies! Use your libraries folks! The library by my aunt's (that I was able to get a card to when I started working here over the summer) has been a gold mine regarding finding movies of certain movie stars I've been trying to watch all/most of their films: Eleanor Parker, Robert Ryan, Priscilla Lane, Dennis Morgan, Glynis Johns, Eve Arden, John Garfield & Robert Donat (will be getting several of their films in the coming weeks). I have 50+ more movies on my list! I also FINALLY got to see Bon Voyage! (1962) with Michael Callan (some of you may recall he was a past movie crush). I didn't want to spend $17 for a dvd and kept waiting for TCM to show it on one of their Disney nights. Another one I've been waiting a while to see was Quantez for John Gavin.
  1. The Lost Patrol (1934) - Victor McLaglen, Boris Karloff, Reginald Denny
  2. The 39 Steps (1935) - Robert Donat & Madeleine Carroll
  3. Easy Living (1937) - Ray Milland & Jean Arthur
  4. I Met Him in Paris (1937) - Claudette Colbert, Melvyn Douglas, Robert Young, Lee Bowman
  5. *Bluebeard's Eighth Wife (1938) - Gary Cooper & Claudette Colbert, David Niven
  6. A Cowboy in Brooklyn (1938) - Dick Powell & Priscilla Lane, Pat O'Brien, Ronald Reagan, Ann Sheridan
  7. At the Circus (1939) - Marx Brothers, Eve Arden
  8. The Doctor Takes a Wife (1940) - Raymond Milland & Loretta Young, Edmund Gwenn
  9. The Big Store (1941) - Marx Brothers 
  10. The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941) - Edward Arnold, James Craig, Anne Shirley, Simone Simon, Jane Darwell 
  11. *A Night to Remember (1942) - Loretta Young & Brian Aherne
  12. *The Egg and I (1947) - Fred MacMurray & Claudette Colbert, Marjorie Main & Percy Kilbride, Richard Long
  13. Bodyguard (1948) - Priscilla Lane
  14. My Foolish Heart (1950) - Dana Andrews & Susan Hayward, Kent Smith
  15. Perfect Strangers (1950) - Ginger Rogers & Dennis Morgan, Thelma Ritter
  16. Three Secrets (1950) - Eleanor Parker, Patricia Neal, Ruth Roman
  17. Chain Lightning (1950) - Humphrey Bogart & Eleanor Parker 
  18. Detective Story (1951) - Kirk Douglas & Eleanor Parker, William Bendix
  19. Here Come the Nelsons (1952) - Ozzie & Harriet, David, & Ricky Nelson
  20. Beware, My Lovely (1952) - Robert Ryan & Ida Lupino 
  21. Never Wave at a WAC (1953) - Rosalind Russell & Paul Douglas
  22. Scared Stiff (1953) - Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Lizbeth Scott, Dorothy Malone
  23. Quantez (1957) - Fred MacMurrary, Dorothy Malone, John Gavin
  24. Day of the Outlaw (1959) - Robert Ryan, Burl Ives, Tina Louise, David Nelson
  25. Count Your Blessings (1959) - Deborah Kerr & Rossano Brazzi, Maurice Chevalier 
  26. The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker (1959) - Clifton Webb & Dorothy McGuire, Jill St. John
  27. Hell is for Heroes (1962) - Steve McQueen, Bobby Darin, Bob Newhart
  28. Papa’s Delicate Condition (1962) - Jackie Gleason & Glynis Johns
  29. Bon Voyage! (1962) - Fred MacMurray & Jane Wyman, Michael Callan & Deborah Walley 
  30. A Ticklish Affair (1963) - Shirley Jones & Gig Young, Carolyn Jones & Red Buttons
  31. Sinbad and the Eye if the Tiger (1977) - Patrick Wayne
  32. The Sports Pages (2001) - Bob Newhart, Kelsey Grammer (only watched their segment)
  33. *Signs (2002) - Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin, Abigail Breslin
  34. *Double Wedding (2009) - Tia & Tamara Mowry, O-T Fagbenle, Chad Connell
  35. Downton Abbey (2019) - Dame Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, Hugh Bonneville

Least Favorite Movie: Well, I only watched half of both They Came to Cordura (1959) starring Gary Cooper, Rita Hayworth, and Michael Callan (who I was watching it for) and The Story of Mankind (1957), Ronald Colman’s final film, so... Being a completest I’m sure I’ll finish them one day. I didn’t like Detective Story but the end had me in tears. The plot of The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker was stupid and Dorothy McGuire needs to get her head examined to remarry Clifton Webb. Ida Lupino’s character got on my nerves in Beware, My Lovely. You run to a window at the front of the house, smash it, and scream bloody murder woman! Not a back window with a feeble “help” in your low register voice! Lupino is too strong a woman to pull off acting like a weakling.

Favorite Movie: I loved The 39 Steps! I wanted to watch it again the next day. I always forget how much I love Robert Donat. I also read the original book by John Buchan and the BFI Classics book on the film. Scared Stiff (1953) was hilarious (and perfect for October)!