Thursday, June 2, 2022

Movies I Watched in May

Cary Grant in Destination Tokyo (1944)

Pretty great movie month! Not much on TCM that I wanted to watch so most are from elsewhere. If you haven't checked out Tubi, well, you need to. Lots of great movies! If you ever want to know where I found one of the movies I watched just leave a comment. I dog-sat for my cousin again so I was able to watch some things on her Disney+ (there's not enough on there that I'm interested in for me to subscribe. If they ever put all the episodes of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color though...).

* indicates a rewatch

  1. The Devil to Pay! (1931) - Ronald Colman & Loretta Young, Myrna Loy 
  2. Young Dr. Kildare (1938) - Lew Ayers, Lionel Barrymore 
  3. *Gentleman Jim (1942) - Errol Flynn & Alexis Smith, Jack Carson, Alan Hale
  4. *Destination Tokyo (1944) - Cary Grant, John Garfield, Dane Clark, Alan Hale, Robert Hutton, Faye Emerson
  5. My Name is Julia Ross (1945) - Nina Foch, Dame May Whitty 
  6. The Sea Chase (1955) - John Wayne & Lana Turner, James Arness, Tab Hunter
  7. *Nightfall (1956) - Aldo Ray & Anne Bancroft, Brian Keith
  8. The Killer is Loose (1956) - Joseph Cotten & Rhonda Fleming, Wendell Corey
  9. *King Creole (1958) - Elvis Presley & Dolores Hart, Walter Matthau, Carolyn Jones, Vic Morrow
  10. *Swiss Family Robinson (1960) - John Mills & Dorothy McGuire, James MacArthur, Tommy Kirk, Kevin Corcoran, Janet Munro
  11. Follow That Dream (1961) - Elvis Presley, Arthur O’Connell
  12. *Come Fly with Me (1963) - Dolores Hart & Karl Boehm, Lois Nettleton & Karl Malden, Pamela Tiffin & Hugh O'Brian
  13. The Moon-Spinners (1964) - Hayley Mills & Peter McEnery, Eli Wallach, Pola Negri, Joan Greenwood
  14. Paris When it Sizzles (1964) - Audrey Hepburn & William Holden
  15. The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming (1966) - Carl Reiner & Eva Marie Saint, Brian Keith, Alan Arkin, Jonathan Winters
  16. Mosby's Marauders (1967) - Kurt Russell, James MacArthur, Nick Adams
  17. The Hindenburg (1975) - George C. Scott, Anne Bancroft, Burgess Meredith 
  18. Oscar (1991) - Sylvester Stallone, Marisa Tomei, Kirk Douglas, Don Ameche, Yvonne DeCarlo
  19. The Lost City (2022) - Sandra Bullock & Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, Brad Pitt
  20. Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022) - Dame Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, Hugh Bonneville, etc. 
Audrey: More Than an Icon (2020)
Adventure Thru the Walt Disney Archives (2020)

Least Favorite Film: Didn't have any.

Favorite Movie: Oscar was hilarious. I always thought the trailer for Paris When it Sizzles looked stupid but I was pleasantly surprised to find it very funny! Holden looked a little rough but it's definitely a movie I'll watch again. If you're a fan of Downton Abbey, the new movie was perfect. I laughed, I sobbed... they need to just start the series up again already!! Also really enjoyed The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming.

Favorite Line: "Like, bonjour, baby." - Tony Curtis in Paris When it Sizzles (1964).

Can't stop singing this.