Monday, July 1, 2019

The Fourth Annual Olivia de Havilland Blogathon is Here!!!

Today Dame Olivia de Havilland celebrated her 103rd year here on earth!!! We are so lucky that she is still with us and I'm a honored to be able to celebrate her incredible life and career with this little blogathon and for Crystal from In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood for co-hosting with me.

I will try to update this post daily with the entries and hopefully will have time to read them this weekend.

Here are the entries:

Realweedgiemidget Reviews kicks off the day with Olivia's appearance on The Love Boat.

Pale Writer tells us about a less pleasurable experience of Olivia's character in The Snake Pit (1948).

The Stop Button delves into The Heiress (1949).

Photo by Samantha Ellis

Musings of a Classic Film Addict share's Olivia's recipe for Salade Nicoise.

Movies Meet Their Match is pleasantly surprised with The Proud Rebel (1958).

To Be Updated!!

Movies I Watched in June

This month I suddenly started a new job that required me moving in with my aunt on Long Island. I've been very busy (with work and sightseeing) and have therefore not been able to watch as many movies as I have been. I was able to get a library card here and they have a really good selection of Classic Films so I'm excited to explore that. I was also finishing up season 4 and 5 of The Last Ship (they randomly killed one of my favorite characters in the second-to-last episode...).
  1. *If You Could Only Cook (1935) - Jean Arthur & Herbert Marshall
  2. When You're in Love (1937) - Grace Moore & Cary Grant
  3. Escape (1940) - Robert Taylor & Norma Shearer, Conrad Veidt, Bonita Granville
  4. Repent at Leisure (1941) - Wendy Barrie
  5. That Night in Rio (1941) - Don Ameche & Alice Faye, Carmen Miranda
  6. *Footsteps in the Dark (1941) - Errol Flynn & Brenda Marshall, Allen Jenkins, Alan Hale, William Frawley
  7. *Never Say Goodbye (1946) - Errol Flynn & Eleanor Parker, S.Z. Sakall
  8. Trio (1950) - Jean Simmons & Michael Rennie (only watched part three)
  9. Two Weeks with Love (1950) - Jane Powell & Ricardo Montalban, Debbie Reynolds
  10. *On Moonlight Bay (1951) - Doris Day & Gordon McRea
  11. Encore (1952) - Glynis Johns (only watched part three)
  12. Pearl of the South Pacific (1955) - Virginia Mayo & Dennis Morgan
  13. The Young Stranger (1957) - James MacArther, Kim Hunter, James Gregory, James Daly
  14. Hooper (1978) - Burt Reynolds & Sally Field, Brian Keith, James Best, Adam West
  15. InSight (2011) - Natalie Zea, Adam Baldwin, Veronica Cartwright, Christopher Lloyd
  16. Apollo 11 (2019) - documentary, watched in dome theater
  17. Murder Mystery (2019-Netflix) - Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler, Luke Evans

Least Favorite Film: I love Dennis Morgan and think Virginia Mayo is underrated but Pearl of the South Pacific wasn't that great. 

Favorite Film: The Young Stranger was excellent. Escape was more exciting then I expected. I of course enjoyed the segments I got to see from Trio and Encore with two of my favorite actresses (unfortunately it collided with me leaving so I didn't get to watch the full films). If you have Netflix and enjoy Agatha Christie and comedies you need to watch Murder Mystery. It was so fun!