Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Movies I Watched in November

This month I finally got to see the second and third stories in The Story of Three Loves (saw the first one in September 2018). I also read “Dutch Girl: Audrey Hepburn and World War II” by Robert Matzen. Highly recommend.
  1. *Duck Soup (1933) - The Marx Brothers, Margaret Dumont, Louis Calhern 
  2. *The 39 Steps (1935) - Robert Donat & Madeleine Carroll
  3. Charley’s Aunt (1941) - Jack Benny & Kay Francis, Edmund Gwenn
  4. Find the Blackmailer (1943) - Jerome Cowen, Gene Lockhart, Faye Emerson
  5. Murder, My Sweet (1944) - Dick Powell, Claire Trevor, Anne Shirley
  6. Colonel Effingham's Raid (1946) - Charles Coburn, Joan Bennett
  7. Station West (1948) - Dick Powell & Jane Greer, Agnes Moorehead, Burl Ives
  8. Hunt the Man Down (1950) - Gig Young
  9. The Story of Three Loves (1953) - Ethel Barrymore, Leslie Caron, Farley Granger, Ricky Nelson, Kirk Douglas & Pier Angeli (2nd & 3rd stories)
  10. River of No Return (1954) - Robert Mitchum & Marilyn Monroe
  11. The Biggest Bundle of Them All (1968) - Robert Wagner & Raquel Welch
  12. *Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987) - Steve Martin & John Candy
  13. *How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) - Matthew McConaughey & Kate Hudson
Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words (2015)
John Ford: The Man Who Invented America (2018)

Least Favorite Film: It wasn't that bad, but I wasn't in the mood to watch Colonel Effinham's Raid and the quality was terrible. The John Ford documentary was too political.

Favorite Film: I really enjoyed River of No Return, from the title song with it's sweeping Canadian scenery to Monroe's more serious performance (one of her best in my opinion out of the films I've seen). Duck Soup, which I hadn't seen in a decade and didn't remember, was hilarious! The Ingrid Bergman documentary was amazing. I loved all the home movie footage!

Station West (1948)