Friday, October 9, 2015

They Remade What?! Blogathon

Well, the day is here, the kickoff to my first Blogathon!!! Here is where you will find all the links to the entries. I will update the page as they come in over the next few days. A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated and made this blogathon a success!!! I can't wait to read all of the wonderful entries!!!

How interesting...
Movie Movie Blog Blog proves that the second time around definitely isn't the charm in Double Indemnity - 1944 & 1973


Love Letters to Old Hollywood gives us "Twice the Laughs" in her post on Libeled Lady (1936) and Easy to Wed (1946). Libeled Lady will be airing on TCM on November 13th at 11pm so MARK YOUR CALENDARS!


Love Letters also gives us twice the fun in two locations with her second entry on That Night in Rio (1941) & Trouble on the Riviera (1951).

Silver Screenings shows us that  A Love Affair Recycled can turn out pretty good.

CineMaven looks at the cult classic Cat People (1942) and it's remake (1982) from the safety of her couch (check out the cool banner she made!).

BNoirDetour contemplaits age differences in The Big Sleep (1946) & The Long Goodbye (1978).

Cinematic Scribblings takes a look at a foreign remake by it's own director in Ozu vs. Ozu: A Story of Floating Weeds (1934) and Floating Weeds (1959)

Wide Screen World compares horror in 1960 vs. 1986 in Little Shop of Horrors.


The ships have sailed over at Caftan Woman's as she looks at One Way Passage (1932) & 'Til We Meet Again (1940).

Sometimes They Go To Eleven looks at, not eleven, but Ten Films Remade By Their Directors.

So many deadly ways...

NITRATEGLOW hunts down the deadly differences in The Most Dangerous Game, A Game of Death, & Run For the Sun.

Serendipitous Anachronisms takes a "swingin’ trip to Coolsville" with Ocean's 11 (1960) & Ocean's Eleven (2001).

Speakeasy shows how Ransom isn't always a bad thing, when it's a remake of a movie that is.

Old Hollywood Films proves that love letters never go out of style with The Shop Around the Corner and Its Remakes.

Crítica Retrô recommends lots of Kleenex when watching Imitation of Life (1934 & 1959).

Musings of an Introvert pits Danny Kaye against Ben Stiller in A Duel of Walter Mitty!

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World takes us on a jungle adventure with Irwin Allen's The Lost World.

Silentology pays homage to her favorite vampire film Nosferatu (1922 & 1979) in time for Halloween.

Silver Scenes clues us in on what happens when you mix zombies with zany comedy in Scared Stiff (1953).

They remade what?

Once Upon A Screen brings us another classic noir with Out of the Past (1947) remade Against All Odds (1984).


Movie Classics shares a pocketful of Apple Annie with Frank Capra's Lady for a Day (1933) and Pocketful of Miracles (1961)

The Wonderful World of Cinema explores what happens when classic Katharine Hepburn gets remade in Music in the High Society of The Philadelphia Story.

Why? Just why?

Movies Silently takes on child stars and silent vs. talkies in Peck's Bad Boy (1921 & 1934).

Reel Distracted tackles Mummy Issues with The Mummy (1932 & 1999).

Remakes sure are painful!

Our Cynical Omelet brings us Paris and Gamines and Spies, Oh, My! Charade and Its Remake.

Poor kid. She watched too many remakes.
Musings of an Introvert wonders How Many Times Can You Remake Little Miss Marker?!

Mother Time Musings looks at Pre and Post Depression Era Wealth in Holiday (1930 & 1938)

Back to Golden Days brings us a Clark Gable remake of Clark Gable in Red Dust (1932) & Mogambo (1953).


Your host has trouble picking a favorite when she compares My Favorite Wife (1940) & Move Over, Darling (1963).



  1. Hi there Phyllis - Here is my write-up on "THE CAT PEOPLE" for your first - ever blogathon. You can find it at this link:

  2. LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, on stage and screen.

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  7. Hi, Phyllis! Here it is, two Imitations of Life (I lost all my tears watching the movies):


    1. I know! I sobbed when I watched the 1959 version!

  8. Hi, here's my first post for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

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  10. My post on Nosferatu (1979) and Nosferatu (1922) is ready!

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  12. Our post SCARED STIFF is up!
    We got caught up watching Abbott and Costello on television, otherwise we'd have finished it earlier. Congratulations on your first blogathon hosting!

  13. Hi Phyl.

    I know I'm down to do the three versions of Titanic, but I don't think I will able to participate this time around. I've been so busy, as I also write for a classic film website and I'm also in the early stages and about to commence research for a proposed book. However I still would like to contribute something, but I won't be on Titanic, as you have to delve into a lot of detail for that. If I have time I will pick another topic. It will be in late though.

    1. That's totally ok! I know how hard it is to write a post when you have so much else to do. This weekend has ended up being more busy than usual for me too so my post is going to be last minute haha.

      If you have time to write something, great! If not that's ok. And you don't have to let me know your topic beforehand.

      I like the sound of a proposed book! Can't wait to hear more about that! :)

  14. My posting is up now, on Frank Capra's Lady for a Day (1933) and Pockeful of Miracles (1961).

    Thanks, Phyl!

  15. Hey, here is my entry for the blogathon (The Philadelphia Story vs High Society). Thanks for hosting it! :)

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  17. Here is my post for the blogathon...Thanks for hosting!!!

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    Sorry that I am so terribly late! This was actually harder to write than I expected. I promise to post my entry on time on your next blogathon. :)

    -Cátia. xo

  21. This was a really awesome blogathon! If you were going to do it again I would definitely participate!!!

    1. I’ll think about it :) I couldn’t do it till late summer or fall though as I already have four Blogathons lined up for the first half of the year, two of them being the annual de Havilland one and the second movie houses one.