Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Carole Lombard!!!

Birth name: Jane Alice Peters
Height: 5'2"
Nicknames: The Profane Angel, The Hoosier Tornado, The Queen of Screwball Comedy
Death Date: Jan. 16, 1942 (plane crash, age 33). View her grave here.
Spouses: William Powell, 1931-1933; Clark Gable, 1939 - 1942 (her death)


In 1926 her face was badly cut in a car accident. She underwent plastic surgery without anesthesia, as it was believed that if it was used the scars would be worse. She learned everything she could about lighting so that the scar wouldn't be visible in her films. It can sometimes be seen on her left cheek.

Her and Clark Gable spent part of their honeymoon at the Willows Inn in Palm Springs, California. You can still stay in the room, which is called "The Liberty Suite" and hasn't been changed since they stayed there.

"Elegant but accessible, beautiful but unpretentious." - TCM


  1. I haven't seen her in many things, but "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" would probably be my favorite at this point.

    1. The first film I saw with her in it was "My Man Godfrey". You have to get used to her in that one haha. I love "To Be or Not to be", "True Confession", and "In Name Only." I have the Carole Lombard Glamour collection but I haven't watched it yet. I also enjoyed "Fools for Scandal" though a lot of sources claim they don't like it. I wasn't much on "Nothing Sacred" buts that's because I didn't like Fredric March.