Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon Tag

Eva of Coffee, Classics, and Craziness is hosting a fun Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon right now that started today and ends Saturday. She has also posted a fun tag for everyone of the following questions and since I love answering questions like this, here they are! (Btw, my post for the blogathon can be found here.)

1. What was the first Hitchcock film you ever watched? I don't remember but it was probably Rear Window that I watched first in one sitting.

2. What’s your favorite Hitchcock film? There's several that are up there: Rebecca, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Shadow of a Doubt, Notorious and The Trouble with Harry but it was Strangers on a Train that started my interest in Hitchcock. I had only seen his more famous films before (Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, Vertigo, North By Northwest) none of which I particularly like. Psycho and The Birds are favorites too but not really ones I would want to watch a lot.
3. What’s your least favorite Hitchcock film? Vertigo. I've never been a huge fan of James Stewart, though I like several of his movies, and I don't really like Kim Novak.
4. What’s your favorite Hitchcock cameo? Either Lifeboat or Strangers on a Train.
All of Hitchcock's cameos
5. Who’s your favorite Hitchcock villain? Joseph Cotten in Shadow of a Doubt.
6. Hero? Rod Taylor in The Birds.
7. Heroine? Ingrid Bergman in Notorious.
8. What’s your favorite Hitchcock quote? Edmund Gwenn in The Trouble with Harry [after Dr. Greenbow trips over the body]: Couldn't have had more people here if I'd sold tickets.
9. And, finally, how many Hitchcock films have you watched? 21


  1. Haha! Vertigo is also one of my picks for least-favorite, and intriguingly, we've both seen 21 of his films. And we have the same favorite villain.

    Love that final meme photo.

  2. Ingrid Bergman's turn as Alicia Huberman in Notorious is heartwrenchingly brilliant. She's my favorite Hitchcock heroine, too.

    Thanks for answering the tag! :)


    1. It was fun!! I always enjoy answering questions like that! Makes you think ;)

  3. That cameo in Lifeboat is hilarious! When I first saw it I was so impressed at how he managed to get one in that particular movie...very witty. :)

    I so agree about Joseph, might even be my favorite Cotten role.

    1. I feel like only Hitch could come up with that one :)

      My first Cotten film was Gaslight and I really liked him in it. Portrait of Jennie was my next one. Have you seen his episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents?

  4. ahah love the image at the end of your post! ;)
    I love Vertigo, but I don't really like Kim Novak either (I would have much more preferred Vera Miles to play the role, like it was initially supposed to be). But James Stewart is my favourite actor ;)

  5. Love your answers! I haven't seen Vertigo or Shadow of a Doubt or The Birds! Need to up my game- But thats the fun part! I should do this for my own blog!