Monday, August 15, 2016

Free TCM Slapstick Class!!!!!!

Just discovered TCM is offering another free online course in conjunction with Ball State University and Canvas Network on Slapstick films!! If you took their Film Noir class last summer, you know we are in for a real treat!! It even has the same teacher!

During the month of September, TCM is focusing on Slapstick films and lucky for us, also having this class. I have been hoping they would offer another class soon but when they didn't announce anything for the summer I was afraid there wouldn't be anything until next year. So I am very excited right now!!!!! I really just want to put a ridiculous amount of exclamation points here right now...


There. It's not a ridiculous amount but it will suffice ;)

Here's the page where you can find out all you need to know about the class and enroll. And FYI: you DO NOT need to have TCM to take the course. They provide links to free movies online for those who don't have access to TCM.

Can't wait to "see you" all there!!!! August 28th can't come fast enough!!!!

What I'm acting like inside right now


  1. I won't have time to take it, so I've been making all sorts of grouchy faces since getting the e-mail. :( (although I'm tempted to signup and just watch the video lectures)

    1. You should still sign up for it and then just read/watch it at your leisure! I can still look at all the Noir material!

    2. I was going to check if I could still access it, so I'm glad you said something about it. Knowing that I probably will sign up after all. :)