Saturday, January 22, 2022

Cinema Wedding Gowns: Rob Roy the Highland Rogue (1953)

This month's Royal Film Performance post was on the Walt Disney film, Rob Roy the Highland Rogue (1953). In it, Glynis Johns wears a lovely wedding dress. I thought it would be fun to feature it today.

Set in 18th century Scotland, the dress features a silhouette similar to Colonial/Revolutionary War style gowns, with the 3/4 sleeves edged in ruffles and the low neckline. 

It is made of heavy ivory satin and ends just above the ankles.

The skirt is flat in front and pleated on the sides and back.

The waist is tight and seems to have some sort of belt. Notice the way the ruffles on the sleeve are attached.

The neckline is just barely off the shoulders and features an interesting wrap-like design, withplisse fabric attached behind and covering the bust. It makes a soft "V" shaped neckline. A tartan (probably her family's clan, as it is different from the MacGregor tartan) is attached at the right shoulder with a brooch and falling behind her is then caught up over her left arm.

A closer look at the sleeves, double heart brooch, white shoes and stockings, and what looks like a veil. In a promotional photo she is wearing a wreath of ivy in her hair.


  1. Such elegance and deceptive simplicity. Gorgeous!

    1. I wish the copy I watched had been a little clearer. It's such a lovely gown!