Monday, May 8, 2017

Franchot Tone's Country Home in "Dangerous" (1935)

Dangerous (1935), starring Franchot Tone and the indomitable Bette Davis, is known for two things: giving Bette Davis her first of two Oscars and laying the groundwork for a famous Feud between Davis and Joan Crawford (if you haven't watched the FX series I recommend it. I hated the first few minutes and did not like Catherine Zeta-Jones portrayal of my beloved Olivia de Havilland, but overall it was pretty darn good). But that's not why I'm here.

In the film, Davis plays an alcoholic actress that Tone, a longtime fan of her work, attempts to rehabilitate. He takes her to his house in the country for an extended stay and while they have a bumpy start, they eventually fall in love with one another. But, being Bette Davis, the road to romance is never easy and people get hurt along the way.

It's not difficult to imagine a beautiful home like this being able to bring peace to someone. It has expansive grounds, it's own pond, and a lovely house with stone accents and lots of interesting architectural features. I could happily settle down here! It looks very restful, as Tone and Davis discuss in one scene:
Tone: Restful here, isn't it?
Davis: The whole countryside seems to have found peace.
Tone: A person could find peace too.
Davis: No, you'll only find that in yourself and when you do, you might as well be dead.
Tone: Dead?
Davis: "Rest In Peace" is for tombstones.
Tone: And for the living?
Davis: Desire. To want something. To obtain that desire and live up to every moment of it. And then go on leaving yesterday behind. On and on. Higher and higher.
 Only Bette Davis would say a line like that. Anyway, lets take a little tour of the house, shall we?

Here is the entry way. The door opens to a raised stone foyer with stairs leading to the bedrooms and a coat closet.

In this view you can see a curved stone seat with a comfy cushion on top.

 As we follow Bette into the room, we see a lovely brick fireplace with a large mantle and paneling around it. Wingback chairs are arranged cozily in front of it.

Going in further, another built-in bookcase is revealed as well as a floral print couch and lovely carved trim around the top of the walls. Rugs are scattered throughout the room.

A table behind the couch and a curved light stone wall give the feeling of a separate room in this open floor plan. The kitchen (and Tone) is just visible through the door, but we'll get there later.

Check out the flowered fabric on that chair! I wonder what color it was? And note the hutch on the right.

 This shot shows the room as it looks when it's empty.

 Here's a better view of the fireplace. Note the stone hearth and the little built in cupboard. Very cozy!

Here we can see the print on the couch. A mirror to the left reflects the stone wall.

Here's a better look at the mirror.
Now let's see what's past the kitchen door.

Another bookcase is built into the stone wall.

 A large curved window is revealed.

It makes for a very cozy and intimate eating area. I would love to eat breakfast there!

Bette prefers to drink. A piano is situated behind her. Check out the stitching on the lampshade.

Back to the kitchen. Here is what we glimpse through the door. A small table, gingham curtains, paneled walls, and a tiled floor is really all we get to see.
This movie still shows the kitchen clearer, showing another window and side table.
In this view we get to see side table with a metal top, perfect for whipping up recipes.

In this view we see a large sink, a cute paned window, and cabinets with pretty woodwork on the side.

A quick glimpse upstairs and our tour will be over. The hallway is wide and is filled with chairs and side tables. Directly across from the top of the stairs is the room is which Miss Davis is deposited.

The door is paneled in keeping with the country look.

 To the right of the door is a small fireplace (how I would love to have a fireplace in my room!).

 Here we catch a glimpse of a small window and comfy window seat.

Davis doesn't really want to leave her room and I don't blame her.

One last view of the room (Bette's a little hungover). Looks like a picture from The Birds on the wall behind her ;)

Bette seems to approve of the house. Did you like it?

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  1. A little too big for a single man, if you ask me. But a nice place for a couple. Good post.

    1. Haha true. Though he does have a fiancé at the beginning. Glad you enjoyed it :)

  2. Gorgeous! Love those built-ins and the stonework. Love all the tables. If that doesn't speak to space I don't know what does. Definitely a place where you would find yourself.

    I forgot Alison Skipworth was in this movie. Thanks.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I love how each piece of furniture is different but it all goes together creating an inviting space.

  3. Whoa, this may be my favorite house out of the whole blogathon! I love everything about it! I so envy the people who own those "little" country homes we see in old movies.

    1. Thanks! I was looking through all my screenshots I've saved and when I saw it I knew I had to write about it instead. It would be so nice to have a little country home. And a beach house. And a cabin in the mountains. And a flat in the city. ;)