Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Carole Lombard: The Profane Angel Blogathon Day 2

After a very successful Day 1, we are back for Day 2! Here are the posts:

I can't get enough of Baby Carole ♥

As one of your hosts, here is my first post on Carole Lombard's Childhood Home and the Great Flood of 1913.

Back to Golden Days covers the sad topic of Carole's Lombard's Final Hours.

Carole and Co gives us the update on Fireball (the revised edition).

Critica Retro tells us about the surprisingly unpredictable Now and Forever (1934).

The Stop Button talks about Carole's rare dramatic performance in Vigil in the Night (1940).

Have you signed up for my next Blogathon yet?  John Garfield: The Original Rebel runs from March 3rd to 5th.


  1. Hi! My entry is now up:

    Thanks for hosting. :)

    -Cátia. xo

    1. Thanks Catia! Really looking forward to reading it :)