Monday, January 30, 2017

Cinema Wedding Gowns: The Razor's Edge (1946)

The Razor's Edge (1946) is a drama that starts not long after World War I in the year 1919. The wedding in the film is meant to take place sometime before the stock market crash of 1929, although the gown has more of a 1930s look to it.

The dress has a high collar, long sleeves, and gathering/rushing at the bust and stomach. The dresses is slim fitting all the way to the floor, where it ends in a small train.

Worn by Gene Tierney, the form-fitting lace dress was designed by Tierney's then husband, Oleg Cassini. The dress had originally been designed by Cassini for their 1941 wedding. However, the couple eloped and the gorgeous gown was not made until this movie. After filming, Gene Tierney’s stand-in Kay Adell Stork wore it at her own wedding. A few years later, Tierney and Cassini divorced.

The veil features a lace cap (reminiscent of Grace Kelly's) with a halo-shaped hat covered in matching lace. A slim tulle veil is attached and cascades gently to the floor.

A look at the back of the hatted-veil.

 Cutting the cake. Notice how the veil is draped over her arm.


  1. Such a lovely gown for a lovely woman.

  2. Beautiful gown! This is one of my favourite classic films for sure, and Gene Tierney is always sublime.