Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What to Expect This Month

If you have noticed the scarcity of posts over here, it is because I have been working on my blogathon posts for next month. I have taken off quite a bit more than I can chew with three posts for the Classic Movie History Project Blogathon, two for the Film Noir Blogathon, and two for the Second Annual Barrymore Trilogy Blogathon, all in August. I am also hoping to participate in the month-long Summer Under the Stars Blogathon, not to mention the Summer Reading Classic Film Book Challenge. Therefore I want to get a head-start on my other posts.

This month I do have a post on Crawford's Clothes Closet for the Joan Crawford Blogathon and I may do a few more "Ten Movies on an Island" posts featuring favorite directors. I would also like to do a post on all of the new-to-me Olivia de Havilland films I have watched this month and another Classic Film Book review. Hope you enjoy all of the upcoming posts!

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