Monday, October 22, 2018

The Girl From Jones Beach (1948)

I’m back on Long Island visiting my aunt and after spending the morning recovering from my train ride - unfortunately I didn’t meet a Cary Grant (and thankfully not a Bruno Antony) - we went for a walk at Jones Beach. I went in July to watch the sunset and I knew there was a movie that was set there but hadn’t seen it. TCM showed it in August as part of Virginia Mayo’s day for Summer Under the Stars and I made sure to watch it. The only thing I recognized was the tower.

I took screenshots of the other Jones Beach shots for later use. So I was very happy when my aunt took me back on the first day of my visit and parked in Lot 6, right nearby the East Bathhouse! Everything looked the same, though I highly doubt the actors actually went there to film. It looks like a little rear projection was involved and probably a studio replica set. But it was neat just the same. Here are the shots in the movie and my photos. Hope you enjoy!

I was not amused by Eddie Braken's character who kept telling his girlfriend he was going to commit suicide then would wait for her to come and stop him in the nick of time.

In the letter above he says he will be near the East Bathhouse. The camera actually shows the WEST Bathhouse first.

The West Bathhouse in 1948.

The West Bathhouse today!

The camera then pans to show more of the beach. Below you see the boardwalk curving away from the front of the West Bathhouse.

The little round building is an umbrella and beach chair stand! There was nothing in it when I peeked inside but they could still use it in the summer.

East Bathhouse in background.

Finally, here is the East Bathhouse. Braken spots Virginia Mayo through the binoculars.

I kind of doubt she's actually there...

Note how the sign says Circa 1929

If you go up the stairs there's an area to sit out of the wind and sun!

Mayo enters a woman's locker. I'm not sure if this is a real building that exists at Jones Beach or not. I didn't have access to my screenshots so I wasn't on the lookout for it. And even if there is one I don't know if this is it or a set.

UPDATE: This is the front of the East Bathhouse facing the highway. The building in the film looks to be a modified set based on the actual building (unless the building itself was modified shortly after this film was made but I doubt it). My photos didn't turn out very well as the sun was coming up right over it. Some of them are a little crooked too because I couldn't see the screen on my phone lol.

The trash cans are very similar...

There's a nighttime shot of a playground that is still there. I didn't take a picture of it though.

There was a little museum display next to the gift shop (closed when I went).
Hope you enjoyed this little look at historic Jones Beach!


  1. How fun that the buildings are still there! I hadn't heard of that movie, I'll have to add it to my list. (I'm glad you didn't meet a Bruno and hopefully you didn't meet anyone singing about goats either! Really, that movie is just chock-full of people you don't want to be on a train with. :p)

  2. Dear Phyllis,

    This is a great article! It is so interesting to see a location from a film that looks so similar today. It must have been lots of fun to really visit Jones Beach. You took some wonderful pictures!

    By the way, I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I look forward to reading your response! Here is the article: Near the end of this article, I described a new series which we are going to be starting on the website in 2019. It is called "What the Code Means to Me," and it is a series of guest articles. I would like to invite you to participate in it! We could really use your talent.

    Yours Hopefully,

    Tiffany Brannan