Thursday, February 18, 2016

Announcing "The Star-Studded Couple Blogathon"

That's right! From April 22-25 we're celebrating all of your favorite Star Couples: Fairbanks & Pickford, Bogie & Bacall, Gable & Lombard, Newman & Woodward, Curtis & Leigh... the list goes on.

Called the Hollywood Marriage-Go-Round, we will be looking at the stars who married and divorced each other so often it became difficult to remember who was married to whom. We will also look at those couples who found true love and stayed together till they were "old and gray," the marriages that were cut short by tragedy, and those that ended amicably with neither star blaming the other.

The Rules are simple: pick your favorite Hollywood couple - no duplicates please - keeping in mind these three things: 1) both must be an actor/actress, 2) they must have been married, and 3) they must be from Classic Hollywood; leave a comment with your selection and a link to your blog; and grab a banner to display on your site. Finally, post anytime between April 22-25. That's it!
Here are some famous Hollywood couples to get you started:
Douglas Fairbanks & Mary Pickford
John Barrymore & Dolores Costello
Charlie Chaplin & Paulette Goddard
Burgess Meredith & Paulette Goddard
Charles Laughton & Elsa Lancaster
William Powell & Carole Lombard
Clark Gable & Carole Lombard
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. & Joan Crawford
Franchot Tone & Joan Crawford
Joel McCrea & Frances Dee
Robert Taylor & Barbara Stanwyck
Fred MacMurray & June Haver
Cary Grant & Betsy Drake
Errol Flynn & Lili Damita
Errol Flynn & Patrice Wymore
John Payne & Anne Shirley
John Payne & Gloria deHaven
Lew Ayres & Ginger Rogers
Robert Walker & Jennifer Jones
Ronald Reagan & Jane Wyman
Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall
William Holden & Brenda Marshall
Stewart Granger & Jean Simmons
Hume Cronyn & Jessica Tandy
Richard Long & Suzan Ball
Laurence Olivier & Vivien Leigh
Gary Merrill & Bette Davis
Mickey Rooney & Ava Gardner
Frank Sinatra & Ava Gardner
Eddie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds
Eddie Fisher & Elizabeth Taylor
Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor
Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh
Robert Wagner & Natalie Wood
Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward
Bobby Darin & Sandra Dee
John Gavin & Constance Towers
Mel Ferrer & Audrey Hepburn
Jose Ferrer & Rosemary Clooney
George Brent & Ann Sheridan
Dick Powell & June Allyson
William Powell & Diana Lewis
Orson Welles & Rita Hayworth
Henry Fonda & Margaret Sullavan
Wallace Beery & Gloria Swanson (!)
Richard Ney & Greer Garson
Glenn Ford & Eleanor Powell
Brian Aherne & Joan Fontaine
Here are some banners to choose from:

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies: Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward
                                                        William Powell & Diana Lewis
In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood: Clark Gable & Carole Lombard
                                                                    Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall
Musings of an Introvert (Now Cab Drivers and Coffee Pots): Bobby Darin & Sandra Dee
Back to Golden Days: Ronald Reagan & Jane Wyman
Finding Franchot: Franchot Tone & Joan Crawford
Love Letters to Old Hollywood: Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz
Critica Retro: Frank Sinatra & Ava Gardner
The Flapper Dame: William Powell & Carole Lombard
Old Hollywood Films: Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor
Little Bits of Classics: Charlie Chaplin & Paulette Goddard  (also has a Tumblr page - Little bits of Chaplin)
Girls Do Film: Orson Welles & Rita Hayworth
Dell of Movies: Sammy Davis Jr. & May Britt
Classic Reel Girl: Gower & Marge Champion
Meredy: Robert Wagner & Natalie Wood
Moon in Gemini: Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh
Margaret Perry: Laurence Olivier & Vivien Leigh
Here is the post for you to leave the links to your completed posts.


  1. I love the theme to this blogathon. There are a few couples that I would really like to do, so it's going to be tough picking which ones. To make up for last time I would like to do two entries if that's possible?? If I can do two entries, would I be able to do:

    Clark Gable and Carole Lombard and Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall?

    My blog: In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood

    1. Sounds awesome!!! Two of my favorite couples :) Can't wait till April to read them!!!

    2. Thanks Phyl.

      I've just announced another blogathon too, and would love to invite you to participate. The link is below.

  2. Fun!

    I'd love to write for Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee and then Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. This sounds like an absolute blast!

  3. This is a brilliant idea for a blogathon! But it's SO HARD to pick! Okay, I think I'm going to go with Ronald Reagan & Jane Wyman. I'm a tiny bit obsessed with Ronnie at the moment. :)

    -Cátia. xo
    Back to Golden Days (

    1. Thanks! I'll put you down (I'm a little obsessed with Paul Newman right now ;)

  4. I'd love to cover Franchot Tone and Joan Crawford for the blogathon over at my Franchot blog: Thanks, Emily

    1. I've got you down, Emily. Thanks for joining!

  5. This will be fantastic! Sign me up for Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, please!

  6. Although Newman and Woodward are the relationship goals, I'd like to stay with Frank and Ava - it'll be an opportunity to know more about their relationship!

  7. Hi - I'm Emily and my blog is The Flapper Dame I would love to do Carole Lombard and William Powell

    1. Two of my favorite people! Thanks for joining!

  8. Hi Amanda from Old Hollywood Films. I'd love to write about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton if they are still available.

    Great idea for a blogathon.

  9. I would love to write about Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Joan Crawford if they are still available! My blog is :)


  10. I just can't leave Charlie & Paulette there, I'd love to have them :)! Such a great topic! My blog is!

  11. Please could I write about Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth - a doomed romance but a successful creative partnership :)

    1. You may!! They were great in "The Lady from Shanghai"!!

  12. May I write about Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy?

    1. I wish I could say yes but one of the "rules" is that the actors must have been married to each other. I hope you can find another couple to write about, because I would love for you to take part!

  13. Great idea for a blogathon. I'd like to do Sammy Davis Jr. and May Britt.

  14. Wow! Looking over your list, there are some star marriages I didn't know about. (Meredith and Goddard; Ferrer and Clooney) Looking forward to reading the posts. Go ahead and mark me down for a little something on Gower and Marge Champion. Classic Reel Girl at

    By the way, I love your new header with Judy Garland pic. I can't figure mine out, so plain black it is.

    1. I've got you down, thanks for joining! Yeah, I learned a lot of couples too, and keep learning more every day!

      Thanks! I had trouble with my banner too at the beginning. What I'm doing now is putting together the picture and text on powerpoint (publisher would work too) because it's easy to change the size of the photo and move the text around and get effects on it, like glow or bevel. Then I take a screenshot and put it on the blog instead of the title. The hard part is making it wide enough so that it looks right on the blog. For this one I had to click "view slide" before I took the screenshot so it would be big enough. Hope that helps!

  15. Would love to write about Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood. Thanks for hosting and what a fabulous blogathon idea. :) -

    1. Yay! Was hoping someone would pick them! Looking forward to it!

  16. Hi, Phyl, I've made my decision! Please put me down for Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

    Moon in Gemini:

    1. Yay! I was afraid I was going to have to do them too! Love their films together :)

  17. I'm having to do something I didn't really want to do. I'm returning Olivier and Leigh to you.

    Sorry about the late notice, but life at this time is just a little bit crazy. It should hopefully have settled down by the time your Olivia de Havilland blogathon rolls around this summer. :)

    1. That's perfectly ok :) I hate it when real life gets in the way of blogging! ;) Will you still be doing Bobby Darin & Sandra Dee?

  18. My post is live! Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood -

  19. My post for Old Hollywood Films on Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton is ready to go:

    Thanks for hosting

  20. My post on Sammy Davis Jr. and May Britt is up!

    1. Got it! Thanks for participating! Can't wait to read it, as I know next to nothing about them :)

  21. My post is now live!

    1. Thanks Debra! Sorry it took me so long to add it! I had a choir thing this afternoon. Can't wait to read it!:)