Saturday, September 10, 2016

Cinema Wedding Gowns: Light in the Piazza (1962)

Since I ran out of book sources for my Behind the Dress series (without shelling out $40), I've decided to start a new series showing some of the gorgeous wedding gowns that have been featured in films, whether is was shown for a long scene in the movie or just a fleeting glance.

Since weddings generally take place on Saturdays, this series will appear on the second and fourth Saturday of every month.

Our first wedding dress is from Light in the Piazza (1962) and is worn by Yvette Mimieux. George Hamilton is the groom (a last minute replacement for James Darren), the mother of the bride is Olivia de Havilland, and the father of the groom is Italian actor Rossano Brazzi.

This gown is the epitome of style and glamour (two of my favorite words when talking about clothes). While the dress has a 1950s cocktail dress vibe, the veil/headpiece is definitely 1960s. The lace is exquisite.

Dolly Smith was the Wardrobe Mistress for this film. Olivia's wardrobe was by Dior. I don't know who actually designed this stunning gown.

My 250th post!!!


  1. This is a stunning gown, and Yvette Mimieux looks stunning in it. It's a triumphant dress, in a way – perfect for this scene.

    Time to see this film again!

  2. This will be a fun series! I look forward to seeing what other gowns you cover.

  3. Wow - that is gorgeous! I have not seen that film yet, but with a dress like that (and Olivia de Havilland), how can I resist. :)

    In October I am actually co-hosting a blogathon dedicated to costumes, make-up, etc. It is called the Characters in Costume Blogfest and I wanted to invite you to join.

    1. I saw it on twitter and tried to say I was thinking up a topic and inviting you to my Cary Grant one at the same time but it wouldn't publish.

      I almost didn't watch the film but decided too and was glad I did :)

  4. I'm really looking forward to the Cary Grant blogathon! Not sure how I missed it, earlier.

    Please take all the time you need thinking about a topic! :)