Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Welcome to my Classic Movie Blog!

Hi! Welcome to my Classic Movie Blog!

This past year I have watched a lot of new movies.. that is, new to me. I have been taking full advantage of my DVR and Turner Classic Movies; the DVD, movie books, and autobiography section of my local library; and YouTube. So far this year I have watched 190 "new" movies and re-watched 40 "favorites." I have also "discovered" four Classic TV series and watched seven seasons total (the kind that have 30+ episodes per season). It is amazing how much I have learned these past few months!

I decided to start this blog so that I could post exclusively on Classic Movies. I have already written posts on my other blog, solidmoonlight, on Lauren Bacall and James Garner, both of whom have died this past year. However, I wanted to have a separate place where I could post exclusively about classic movies ~ hence this blog.

The format of this blog is going to be simple. Once a month I will (hopefully) bring you a Monthly Movie History post. On the 15th and 30th of every month there will be an Actor Spotlight with a brief bio, best films, trivia, and quotes from the most well known to the lesser known actors. And at least once a week there will be a post on a classic film with trivia, my thoughts on the film, and of course lots of photos. There will also be the random holiday films posts, lists of favorite films in each genre, and some Director Spotlights, and probably a post on Edith Head at some point. The problem here is which ones to choose first! There are so may great movies and actors!

That being said, I hope you enjoy this blog and return to it often!

~ Phyl

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