Monday, April 1, 2024

Movies I Watched in March

Glenn Ford and Shirley MacLaine in The Sheepman (1958)

This month was pretty good! I wish The Boys in the Boat would have come out AFTER Masters of the Air because I would have definitely gone to see it in theaters. 

* indicates a rewatch
  1. Cottage to Let/Bombsight Stolen (1941) - Michael Wilding, Alastair Sim, John Mills
  2. The Crime Doctor's Strangest Case (1943) - Warner Baxter, Lloyd Bridges, Reginald Denny
  3. The Years Between (1946) - Michael Redgrave, Valerie Hobson, Flora Robson
  4. The Captive Heart (1946) - Michael Redgrave
  5. Twelve O'Clock High (1949) - Gregory Peck, Hugh Marlowe, Gary Merrill, Dean Jagger
  6. Don't Go Near the Water (1957) - Glenn Ford, Gia Scala, Earl Holoman, Anne Francis, Eva Gabor
  7. The Sheepman (1958) - Glenn Ford, Shirley MacLaine, Leslie Neilson, Pernell Roberts
  8. The Best of Everything (1959) - Hope Lange, Stephen Boyd, Diane Baker, Joan Crawford, Brian Aherne, Louis Jourdan
  9. Almost Angels (1962) - Vincent Winter, Sean Scully, Peter Weck, Denis Gilmore
  10. The Curse of King Tut's Tomb (1980) - Robin Ellis, Raymond Burr, Eva Marie Saint, Wendy Hiller
  11. Father of the Bride (1991) - Steve Martin & Diane Keaton, Kieron Culkin
  12. *Prince Caspian (2008) - William Mosely, Anna Popplewell, Skandar Keynes, Georgie Henley, Ben Barnes
  13. *Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) - Skandar Keynes, Georgie Henley, Ben Barnes, Will Poulter
  14. Queen & Country (2014) - Callum Turner, Vanessa Kirby
  15. Little Women (2019) - Saoirse Ronan, Timothee Chalamet, Laura Dern, Meryl Streep, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scalen
  16. Tolkien (2019) - Nicholas Hoult, Lily Collins, Anthony Boyle
  17. The Boys in the Boat (2023) - Joel Egerton, Callum Turner, Hadley Robinson
Frasier (2023-present) - Kelsey Grammer
The Bloody 100th (2024)

Least Favorite Film: The Best of Everything. It was definitely written by a hard-core feminist because almost all of the men characters were creeps or rotten. 

Favorite Movie: Several winners this month. The Captive Heart made me tear up several times. Cottage to Let was another good British film with several of humorous scenes. Both were on Tubi. I thought The Sheepman was going to be your typical 'cattlemen vs. sheep farmers' but it was more along the vein of Support Your Local Sheriff (though not quite as funny - that's a classic). I didn't expect to love the 2019 Little Women as much as I did. I think it *just* beats the 1994 version (third place would be the 1978 TV mini-series because it has Greer Garson, Robert Young, and Dorothy McGuire). 

One of my favorite moments ♥


  1. Always enjoy your lists! Interesting feedback on THE BEST OF EVERYTHING, COTTAGE TO LET, and THE SHEEPMAN, none of which I've seen yet. They all sound interesting! Really interested you liked LITTLE WOMEN so well. I enjoyed it yet also had problems with it, finding it the weakest version, but I've also been feeling like I need to go back to it!
    Best wishes,,

    1. I had never planned to watch that version of Little Women. The trailer looked very feminist and I wasn't interested in a seeing that story through a modern lens (also I don't care for Florence Pugh). Another blogger told me why they loved it and when I recently saw it at the library I went ahead and checked it out. The combination of low expectations and it just being the right time meant that I was pleasantly surprised. I will say, had I not been familiar with the story the cutting between "past" and "present" would have been very confusing. Also the professor character was underdeveloped.

      I do need to rewatch the Hepburn version. The problem with the 1949 version is that I'm not a fan of several of the actors in general. I also need to revisit the book.

      Which is your favorite version?