Friday, October 27, 2023

Missed My Blog Anniversary...

That face you make when you realize you've missed your blog anniversary... again. 

October 8th marked nine years since I began this blog. In 2019 I shared a list with my favorite film from each year starting with 1928 and the following year I filled in a few blanks from years I had skipped because I either hadn’t seen any from that year or the ones I had seen I didn’t really care for. Here are a few more “blanks” I've filled in: 

1929 - The Love Parade 

1970 - (I need some recommendations for this year lol. The only 1970 film I've seen is Airport)
1971 - Fools' Parade - James Stewart, Kurt Russell
1974 - The Towering Inferno (could change)

CHANGE 1984 from Protocol (Goldie Hawn) to - Swing Shift - Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell
CHANGE 1986 from The Three Amigos! to - Tough Guys - Burt Lancaster & Kirk Douglas, Eli Wallach

1991 - Oscar - Sylvester Stallone

2013 - Safe Haven - Jullianne Hough & Josh Duhamel
CHANGE 2018 from Like Father to - Destination Wedding - Keanu Reeves & Wynona Rider

2020 - The Lost Husband - Josh Duhamel
2021 - Jungle Cruise - Dwayne Johnson & Emily Blunt
2022 - Downton Abbey: A New Era
2023 - haven't seen any yet

One day I hope to start my different series up again and get back into hosting blogathons. Thank you to those who keep sticking around this barren landscape lol :/


  1. Happy Blogiversary!! So glad your blog is here. I've seen several new 2023 films I liked this year and hope you can catch some! Best wishes, Laura

  2. Happy belated blogiversary! I'll keep sticking around in your barren landscape if you keep sticking around in mine. :)