Sunday, March 4, 2018

New Photos of 101 Year Old Olivia de Havilland

At 101, Olivia de Havilland is the oldest Oscar-winning actress still living. And, at 101, she still isn't afraid to fight for her rights.

After the airing of the mini-series Feud: Bette and Joan last year, Olivia began a lawsuit against FX for using her name without consent and portraying her character in a negative light and potentially damaging her public image.
When ‘Feud’ was first being publicized, but before it went on the air, I was interested to see how it would portray my dear friend Bette Davis. Then friends and family started getting in touch with me, informing me that my identity was actually being represented on the program. No one from Fox had contacted me about this to ask my permission, to request my input, or to see how I felt about it. When I then learned that the Olivia de Havilland character called my sister Joan ‘a bitch’ and gossiped about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford’s personal and private relationship, I was deeply offended.
Olivia explains her reasons for initiating the lawsuit:
A large part of the reason I decided to move forward with my action against Fox is that I realize that at this stage of my life and career I am in a unique position to stand up and speak truth to power — an action that would be very difficult for a young actor to undertake. I believe in the right to free speech, but it certainly must not be abused by using it to protect published falsehoods or to improperly benefit from the use of someone’s name and reputation without their consent. Fox crossed both of these lines with ‘Feud,’ and if it is allowed to do this without any consequences, then the use of lies about well-known public figures masquerading as the truth will become more and more common. This is not moral and it should not be permitted.
Both of these quotes and more about the lawsuit can be read in this article published yesterday in the New York Times. The most exciting part about the article however, was the inclusion of two new photographs of our beloved Olivia that were taken at her home in Paris last month. She is absolutely stunning! I just had to share them ♥♥♥