Saturday, December 16, 2017

Cinema Wedding Gowns: Her Twelve Men (1954)

Today's wedding gown is one of those brief fantasy sequence gowns. It is worn near the very beginning of Her Twelve Men (1954) starring Greer Garson (I reviewed it in August).

In the promotional photo below the gown looks white, but in the film, which is color, it is actually pale pink which is totally befitting for a dream sequence!
As you can see, the dress, designed by Helen Rose, has a full tulle skirt and a high-collared lace bodice (over a sweetheart neckline) with long sleeves and peplum at the waist. The veil is also of tulle and appears falls gracefully to the floor. It is attached to a close-fitting cap on the back half of the head with some standing ruffles.

The bouquet is comprised of small flowers surrounded in lace with ribbons cascading halfway down the front of the dress. It is an absolutely gorgeous dress and one can only hope that Garson's character got to wear a gown just as beautiful after the end of the film.

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