Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Movies I Watched in October

October turned out to be Jane Fonda/Robert Redford/1970s month. I've posted before on my blog facebook page and on twitter my pitifully small list of films I've seen and enjoyed from the 1970s so I was excited to find three films (two starring Jane Fonda) and a TV mini-series that I enjoyed. And due to my access to WatchTCM I have been able to see many movies I would have never recorded (aka I watched a ridiculous amount of movies this month).

Does anyone else think Drew Barrymore looks like Zita Johann?
 I thought they must be related but they aren't.

I watched the Sissi trilogy starring Romy Schneider, making it's TCM debut. I loved it! I took a ton of screenshots of the lavish costumes and  gorgeous Austrian scenery, where it was filmed. The trilogy, and Schneider's The Story of Vickie, were my first German language films! A new dvd set of the four films, plus the condensed-into-one dubbed English Sissi movie Forever My Love, was released yesterday! It also includes a 20 min. making of feature and a 20 page booklet. You can buy it here. I really want it!

Two movies I was happy to FINALLY get around to watching were The Mummy (1932), Old Acquaintance (1943), and The Innocents (1961). I also watched my first Lizabeth Scott, Margaret Lockwood, Romy Schneider, Marge & Gower Champion, and Robert Donat films! I also discovered Paula Prentiss in Where the Boys Are (1960). I'm excited to watch all of her films from the 60s!

(* means a rewatch)
  1. The Mummy (1932) - Boris Karloff, Zita Johann
  2. Murder in the Private Car (1934) - Charles Ruggles, Una Merkel
  3. Knight Without Armour (1937) - Robert Donat & Marlene Dietrich
  4. Joy of Living (1938) - Irene Dunne & Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Lucille Ball
  5. Castle on the Hudson (1940) - John Garfield & Ann Sheridan, Pat O'Brien, Burgess Meredith
  6. The Great Lie (1941) - Bette Davis, Mary Astor, George Brent
  7. All Through the Night (1942) - Humphrey Bogart, Conrad Veidt, Peter Lorre
  8. Joe Smith, American (1942) - Robert Young & Marsha Hunt, Darryl Hickman
  9. The Affairs of Martha (1942) - Marsha Hunt, Marjorie Main
  10. I Walked with a Zombie (1943) - Frances Dee, Tom Conway
  11. Old Acquaintance (1943) - Bette Davis, Miriam Hopkins, Gig Young
  12. A Place of One's Own (1945) - Margaret Lockwood, James Mason
  13. Anna and the King of Siam (1946) - Rex Harrison & Irene Dunne, Linda Darnell, Lee J. Cobb, Gale Sondergaard
  14. Boomerang (1947) - Dana Andrews & Jane Wyatt
  15. *Portrait of Jennie (1948) - Joseph Cotten & Jennifer Jones, Ethel Barrymore
  16. April Showers (1948) - Jack Carson & Ann Sothern
  17. Night Unto Night (1949) - Ronald Reagan
  18. Easy Living (1949) - Victor Mature, Lizabeth Scott, Lucille Ball, Los Angeles Rams
  19. The Narrow Margin (1952) - Marie Windsor
  20. Lone Star (1952) - Clark Gable & Ava Gardner
  21. Scaramouche (1952) - Mel Ferrer, Janet Leigh, Eleanor Parker
  22. The Actress (1953) - Jean Simmons, Spencer Tracy, Teresa Wright, Anthony Perkins
  23. Miss Sadie Thompson (1953) - Rita Hayworth, Aldo Ray, Jose Ferrer
  24. Easy to Love (1953) - Esther Williams & Van Johnson
  25. Give a Girl a Break (1953) - Marge & Gower Champion, Debbie Reynolds
  26. The Blue Gardenia (1953) - Anne Baxter, Raymond Burr, Ann Sothern
  27. The Story of Vickie/Victoria in Dover/Mdchenjahre einer Knigin (1954 - German) - Romy Schneider, Magda Schneider, Adrian Hoven, Karl Ludwig Diehl
  28. Sissi (1955 - German) - Romy Schneider & Karlheinz Böhm, Magda Schneider
  29. Trial (1955) - Glenn Ford & Dorothy McGuire
  30. World Without End (1955) - Hugh Marlowe, Rod Taylor
  31. The Solid Gold Cadillac (1956) - Judy Holliday & Paul Douglas
  32. Sissi: The Young Empress (1956 - German) - Romy Schneider & Karlheinz Böhm, Magda Schneider
  33. Sissi: The Fateful Years of an Empress (1957 - German) - Romy Schneider & Karlheinz Böhm, Magda Schneider
  34. *Until They Sail (1957) - Jean Simmons & Paul Newman, Joan Fontaine, Sandra Dee, Piper Laurie
  35. Where the Boys Are (1960) - Dolores Hart, George Hamilton, Yvette Mimoux, Jim Hutton, Paula Prentiss, Connie Francis
  36. The Innocents (1961) - Deborah Kerr
  37. Man's Favorite Sport? - (1964) - Rock Hudson & Paula Prentiss
  38. *Cat Ballou (1965) - Jane Fonda, Lee Marvin, Michael Callan
  39. Any Wednesday (1966) - Jane Fonda, Jason Robards, Dean Jones
  40. *Barefoot in the Park (1967) - Robert Redford & Jane Fonda, Mildred Natwick, Charles Boyer
  41. *Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) - Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Katharine Ross 
  42. What's Up, Doc? (1972) - Barbra Streisand & Ryan O'Neal, Madeline Kahn
  43. Little Women (1978) - Dorothy McGuire, Robert Young, Greer Garson 
  44. The Electric Horseman (1979) - Robert Redford & Jane Fonda
  45. The China Syndrome (1979) - Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon, Michael Douglas
  46. Our Souls at Night (2017) - Robert Redford & Jane Fonda
Least Favorite Film of the Month: It was a pretty good month for me. Scaramouche was kind of lame but I was watching it for Eleanor Parker. Same goes for The Actress and Jean Simmons. And I didn't like the rape storyline in Where the Boys Are. It had started out as such a fun movie! Also, I really wanted Esther Williams to walk out on Van Johnson in Easy to Love. She deserved better! The Florida-shaped pool was pretty epic though :)

Favorite Movie: The Sissi Trilogy, as I mentioned above. The Solid Gold Cadillac was great (despite the author's contrary opinion in Holliday's biography...) as well as the Fonda films. Our Souls at Night was very sweet. I would highly recommend it to any Fonda/Redford fan (get the one month free trial if you have to). What's Up, Doc? was a throwback to the Screwball days, a la Bringing Up Baby. Also, Rod Taylor was adorable in World Without End ;)

Some months there are too many movies I enjoyed and I feel like I should write little blurbs about some of them. Would anyone be interested in that?

Paula Prentiss


  1. You had a busy month! I'm not generally a fan of seventies films either, but I do enjoy Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. I also watched What's Up Doc and Sissi for the first time as well as Where the Boys Are. I'm a fan of Robert Donat and enjoyed Knight Without Armor. Although I wonder if there was a stranger casting than Donat with Dietrich?

    1. The films I've seen from the 70s and enjoyed are either ones with Classic movie stars (John Wayne) or comedies so I was happy to finally add one a little more serious :)

      This was my first Donat film so him and Dietrich seemed fine together to me. However, I do feel like whoever is paired with Dietrich is always a little odd as she's so different from most actresses.

  2. Little blurbs would be fun! I mean, I'm already always sooooooo envious of all your movie-watching time, so what's a little more envy? Hee.

    1. Don't be. It can be tiring watching so many movies (I was up till 3am trying to finish the Sissi movies before it was taken down off the TCM app) but I have the time now (and access to TCM), which won't always be the case in the future :)

    2. Hee. Well, I guess I had kind of the same thing going on all through college and the first few years of my marriage, where I sort of crammed as many movies into myself as I could.

  3. I'd read your blurbs.

    So, Knight Without Armour was your first Robert Donat movie? Wait until you see Goodbye, Mr. Chips!

  4. I enjoyed reading your list of watched films. I'm quite a bit behind in catching up with current films, so I've never even heard of Our Souls at Night, but it's nice that Redford and Fonda are together again in a film. That's one I might like to see soon. Thanks.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I don’t watch a lot of current movies and when I do I’m a couple years late lol. I only knew of Our Souls at Night because it was advertised on Netflix.