Saturday, November 11, 2017

Cinema Wedding Gowns: Until They Sail (1957)

Today's cinema wedding gown comes from a short scene in Until They Sail (1957) starring Jean Simmons and Paul Newman, with Piper Laurie as the bride. Her marriage will not be a happy one - being World War II there's basically no men left in her hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand so she marries the one guy that IS there. And while the union is a disaster - deadly in fact - the gown is a beautiful one.

The bodice has a button up front and collar with a sweetheart lining and short cuffed sleeves. It is covered with a floral applique. The veil is gathered tulle attached to a floral trimmed headband. Small pearl earrings add the perfect finishing touch. Unfortunately the costume designer is not listed on either TCM or IMDb.

Promotional photos for the film show Sandra Dee wearing a gorgeous lace dress that looks very much like a wedding gown but we do not see her character get married. I thought I'd include them as it's such a lovely gown.

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