Monday, October 2, 2017

Movies I Watched in September

This month a wonderful thing happened. My tv provider - Spectrum - was finally added to WatchTCM!!!! Which means I no longer have to dvr every movie I want to watch on TCM and can discover movies that I would have originally passed over!

Another awesome discover was scans of Old Hollywood Photoplay magazines! I've made a separate page for them at the top of my blog where I linking them in chronological order. Check it out!
  1. The Beast of the City (1932) - Walter Huston, Jean Harlow
  2. Brief Moment (1933) - Carole Lombard
  3. The Gay Bride (1934) - Carole Lombard & Chester Morris
  4. Love, Honor and Behave (1938) - Wayne Morris & Priscilla Lane
  5. Topper Returns (1941) - Roland Young, Carole Landis, Joan Blondell, Billie Burke, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson
  6. Out of the Fog (1941) - John Garfield & Ida Lupino, Thomas Mitchell
  7. The Mysterious Doctor (1943) - John Loder, Eleanor Parker
  8. Dead Men Walk (1943) - George Zucco
  9. The Unsuspected (1947) - Claude Rains, Audrey Totter, Constance Bennett
  10. The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (1947) - Harold Lloyd 
  11. State of the Union (1948) - Spencer Tracy & Katharine Hepburn, Angela Lansbury, Van Johnson, Adolph Menjeu 
  12. At Sword's Point (1951) - Maureen O'Hara
  13. Escape from Fort Bravo (1953) - William Holden & Eleanor Parker
  14. Code Two (1953) - Ralph Meeker, Keenan Wynn
  15. It Should Happen to You (1953) - Judy Holliday & Jack Lemmon, Peter Lawford
  16. Phffft! (1954) - Judy Holliday & Jack Lemmon, Jack Carson, Kim Novak
  17. Miracle in the Rain (1956) - Jane Wyman & Van Johnson
  18. A Hole in the Head (1959) - Frank Sinatra, Edward G. Robinson, Thelma Ritter, Eleanor Parker, Carolyn Jones
  19. The Scapegoat (1959) - Alec Guinness 
  20. Murder She Said (1961) - Margaret Rutherford (based on 4:50 From Paddington, which I've read)
  21. Cairo (1963) - George Sanders
  22. Spencer's Mountain (1963) - Henry Fonda & Maureen O'Hara, James MacArthur
  23. *Ride the Wild Surf (1964) - Fabian, Tab Hunter, Shelley Fabares
  24. The Nanny (1965) - Bette Davis
  25. Walk Don't Run (1966) - Cary Grant, Jim Hutton, Samantha Eggar
  26. Titanic (1997) - Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio (first time watching!)
  27. The Cobbler (2014) - Adam Sandler, Dustin Hoffman
  28. Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Emma Watson & Dan Stevens (better than I expected)
Least Favorite Film: I did not like The Nanny at all. When a movie starts with kids chanting or singing, I probably won't like it. Those kind of movies creep me out. I also *gasp* did not like Out of the Fog. If you've followed me for a while you might know I'm kind of obsessed with John Garfield - I hosted a blogathon in his honor this year - but I sincerely hated him in this film. That just goes to show you what a fantastic actor he is, to make ME hate HIM!

Favorite Film: Hands down It Should Happen to You (1953) followed closely by Phffft! (1954). Walk Don't Run ended up better than I thought. It doesn't compare to the original of course but I still enjoyed it and wouldn't mind owning it on DVD (and btw, Cary Grant is more physically appealing at 62 then Jim Hutton is at 32). I also enjoyed The Unsuspected, Topper Returns, and Miracle in the Rain (which made me cry).

Lombard in The Gay Bride (1934). I took way too many screenshots from this movie.


  1. You hadn't seen Titanic before? What did you think of it? I used to really like it, but I don't like it so much any more. Beauty and the Beast was a lot better then I thought it was going to be!! It made it's way on to my top five favorites list! What did you think of it?

    I thought Sept. was going to be a good movie watching month for me, but I only saw seven new to me movies! But, I had a lot of work that I had to do. But, this month will be better! (I know I've said that for the last few months, but I really mean it this time!)

    1. I've always loved learning about the Titanic and was afraid watching the movie would "ruin" it for me. I enjoyed it and it was so much more than I thought it would be but I'll never be obsessed with it like some people are.

      I've only seen the original Beauty and the Beast three or four times in my life so I wasn't upset like some were when they announced they were making it. I thought they stayed very true to the original. I will definitely watch it again. The only problem was I had some of the songs stuck in my head for days!!

  2. September was a terrible movie watching month for me but I did manage to watch Lombard's films. She was stunning even if the movies are somewhat forgettable. I love Lemmon And Holliday together and wish they had made more films together.

    1. I've definitely had months like that. In Brief Moment I was just like, really Carole? Leave that loser already! The Gay Bride was a very Lombard performance and that alone makes it worth the watch. I had already seen the other Lombard films TCM showed that night.

      I wish they would have too! For both of those movies I just wanted to watch them again the next day :)

  3. The Beast of the City is a favourite of mine, and (emotional whiplash) so is Miracle in the Rain. I love George Zucco so I just have to love Dead Men Walk.

    Love it in The Unsuspected when Audrey Totter says Joan Caulfield "drank too much milk and her seams were always straight".

    I didn't care much for Phffft! the only time I watched it, but if you found something redeemable then I will give it another chance someday.