Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cinema Wedding Gowns: The Parent Trap (1961)

When I started this series I mentioned that some of the gowns I would cover are only seen for a brief moment on screen. One of these gowns is the wedding dress worn by Maureen O'Hara at the end of The Parent Trap (1961). Not only is it on screen for less than a minute, it is also only seen in Hayley Mills' dream.

Here is what we see in the film:

Susan and Sharon's matching bridesmaids dresses:
Here are some publicity photos that show more of the dresses. As you can see it's a very pale yellow:

This is a great photo. Maureen O'Hara is so beautiful.
This shows the entire dress, minus the veil.

This photo shows the lace on the bodice.



  1. I love this movie! The bodice on that dress is really pretty!

    1. It's on a lot in my house :) I love finding the promo photos that show more of the dresses than we see in the movies!!

  2. Ahhhhhhh, one of my favorite movies <3