Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Third Liebster Award!!!

Last Christmas, Virginie of The Wonderful World of Cinema nominated me for my third Liebster Award. I am just now getting around to it - my apologies Virginie :/ 

First, Virginie's questions:
1- If you had to “promote” a not too well known classic film, what would be your choice?
  • Theodora Goes Wild (1936) starring Irene Dunne and Melvyn Douglas - watch it here! I also wrote a post on it here.
2- You are participating to the making of a film. What’s your job?
  • Costume designer
3- Do you share your birthday with one of your favourite movie stars? If yes, who?
  • Sadly, no. My sister has Myrna Loy #jealous
4- What is your favourite movie score?
  • Does White Christmas count? Otherwise The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Or Rio Grande. Or The Searchers.
5- How many films per week do you usually watch?
  • If I'm in the middle of watching a TV series it may only be two but if not about 5.
6- What do you think is the most CREATIVE movie ever made and why?
  • Cat People (1942) - the use of shadow is incredible
7- Do you have a child name after a certain movie star or movie character? Or are you planning this for your future kid (if you plan to have one, or many!).
  • I could see myself naming one of my future daughters Carole after Carole Lombard.
8- How much does classic films influence your everyday life?
  • It pretty much is my everyday life - watching and blogging about classic films, reading classic film books, causing me to have a classic movie view on life so that I'm always disappointed... :/
9- What are you planning to do to honour Olivia de Havilland’s on her centennial next July?
  • Write a blog post either on her career or a list of my favorite movies of hers.
10- What do you enjoy the most about blogging?
  • Sharing my love of classic films with others and getting down on "paper" what I think about films.
11- Do you have any advises, suggestions for future bloggers?
  • Get involved in blogathons right away! They are not only fun but will help your blog get views!
Now for 11 things about myself. This is always the hard part...
  • I started watching Downton Abbey last November just to see if I liked it... and then devoured the rest of the series. So sad that it is at an end. I'm kind of glad I waited so long to watch it as I then didn't have to wait six whole years just to see how things turned out.
  • I started a Classic Television blog at the end of last year. This month has been a little weak over there with all the blogathons and Oscars posts over here but it will definitely get back to normal in March. For the first two months I did screenshots of ALL the outfits Elizabeth Montgomery wore in season 3 of Bewitched (I started with that season because it's the first in color). Now I am working on season 1. You can visit my blog by clicking here or the banner located on the sidebar.
  • I am currently reading "Above Suspicion" by Helen MacInnes - which was made into the 1941 film of the same name with Joan Crawford and Fred MacMurray, and "Movie Love in the Fifties" by James Harvey. I also just started Myrna Loy's autobiography "Being and Becoming" (with James Kotsilibas-Davis).
  • Some non-movie related books I am reading: "Discovering Tut-ankh-Amen's Tomb" ed. by Shirley Glubok and "Imperial Rome" by Moses Hadas (The part-time class I have been teaching is doing Ancient History this year).
  • Some movies coming out this year that I want to see: Hail Caesar! (it's a comedy set in a 1940s-style film studio), The Huntsman: Winter's War, Finding Dory, and the fifth Jason Bourne film.
  • I am currently taking a free online class called Philosophy and Film. It is offered through Canvas Network, which you may remember offered the TCM Film Noir class this past summer. I am not doing the whole course however. Out of the six films they are covering, I am only going to do Inception (2010) - week 1, The Birds (1963) - week 2, and Groundhog Day (1993) - week 6, all of which I have seen previously. The other three films I have no desire to watch. You can learn more about the class or join it here.
  • I'm addicted to iced coffee, especially from Dunkin Donuts.
  • I hate lotion.
  • I love my space heater.
  • When wearing a dress or skirt I ALWAYS wear heels - the 4 inch kind. Which is why I only wear a dress or skirt on Sundays. The rest of the time I'm in flip-flops.
  • My favorite season is autumn.
And now the 11 questions for my nominees to answer:
1. Who is your favorite Classic Movie Star couple?
2. If you were a songwriter for a Classic Musical, what star would you want to sing your songs?
3. Did you ever dislike a Classic Movie Star because of the first role you saw them in, only to discover you loved them later? Who?
4. What was the last movie you watched? How many stars would you give it?
5. Have you taken any film classes? What were they on?
6. A Classic Movie Star asks you to help them write their autobiography, who is it?
7. Have you learned a Classic Hollywood fact recently that astounded you?
8. Favorite opening credits?
9. Share a screenshot of a costume or room in a classic film that you immediately liked when you first saw it.
10. What is your favorite studio (MGM, Warner, RKO, etc.)?
11. What movie character do you wish was real?

And here are my nominees. I can't come up with 11 but here is who I did come up with:

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  1. Love your answers (and your questions for the nominees as well)! I agree so much with the Blogathon stuff. It's the best way to get views. Congrats again for your award, you deserved it! :)