Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cutest Kiss Ever - Small Town Girl (1936)

The cutest kiss I have ever seen is at the end of Small Town Girl (1936) starring Robert Taylor and Janet Gaynor. I just had to share it with you for the You Must Remember This... A Kiss is Just a Kiss Blogathon.

They are driving away in a car after realizing they love each other and Robert Taylor glances at Janet Gaynor to see where her lips are, looks back at the road, and then leans in for a quick kiss. Gaynor smiles happily and gives him a cute squeeze as they drive off "happily ever after." It is just adorable. I could watch it all day ♥

I apologize for the horrible quality. I recorded this with my camera back when we still had the ol' square TV. You can also see the reflection of the windows. UPDATE: Recorded it again off my iPad and uploaded it to YouTube! I also noticed he puts his hand on her chin :)

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