Thursday, July 30, 2015

Stars at the Pool

Cary Grant & Doris Day between takes

Jean Harlow

Jeanne Crain, Gale Robbins, Mary Anderson, June Haver, & Trudy Marshall - 1940s

Mickey Rooney & Esther Williams (I'm guessing Andy Hardy days)

Robert Wagner

Robert Wagner photo-bombing Jeffrey Hunter

All images found via Pinterest


  1. Great collection of pictures. LOVE the sandals Jean Harlow is wearing.
    I have no idea who Jeffrey Hunter is, but he's absolutely dreamy in that picture. He looks a bit like Henry Fonda, too. :)

    1. Thanks! Jeffrey Hunter and Robert Wagner were in several films together that aren't that well known today. The picture Hunter is in that most people are familiar with is "The Searchers" starring John Wayne (and Natalie Wood). He plays Martin Pawly, a half breed that goes with Wayne to find Wood and bring her back home.

  2. That flamingo bathing suit Gale Robbins is wearing! I want one!