Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Custom Hollywood Calendar from Shutterfly

For those of you who don't have Facebook or Twitter (or don't follow me *shakes head*) I thought I would share photos of my new calendar I designed on Shutterfly! (click photos to view larger)

Of course after I received it I noticed a few mistakes/omissions. I started making this calendar in 2015 so when I changed it to a 2017 calendar I forgot to move Mother's Day so now it's on a Monday... (btw, Shutterfly offers a free calendar about 4 - 5 times a year so this only cost me $8 shipping instead of $25+!! There's also a way to send projects to others on Shutterfly if anyone is interested. You could probably edit it to include your favorite photos).

I also left out Omar Shariff (*face palm) and Jean Simmons (*double face palm), whose birthday is the same as Tallulah Bankhead (who I fortunately like). Since this calendar is for my personal use I left off a few actors that I don't like or who I haven't seen any films of (or who shared a birthday with an actor/actress I liked better) and included some lesser known actors that I like (Richard Long, Michael Callan, etc.).

The cover of the calendar has my favorite person from each month, though in hindsight I wish I would have put Errol and Olivia on there instead of Vera-Ellen and Mary Tyler Moore, but Oh Well.

What do you think? Which month is your favorite? Who would you dedicate a month to?

I also got my Curious Pip "Nick & Nora" Christmas cards today. Order yours here! Limited supply!


  1. Your calendar is amazing. I'm agog.

    Also, wow, now I want those Christmas cards.

    1. Thank you!

      They were expensive but I have wanted to order something from her for a long time and when I saw how amazing William Powell looked I had to have them :)