Sunday, May 3, 2015

Larceny Inc. (1942)

I unknowingly watched a movie on Tuesday, April 21, with Anthony Quinn in it on the anniversary of his 100th birthday! The film was Larceny Inc. (1942), starring Edward G. Robinson, Jane Wyman, Jack Carson, and a young Jackie Gleason!!

It's about an ex-con who, after getting out of prison decides to rob a bank. He buys a luggage store next door to the bank and has his henchmen start to dig a hole in the basement. Wyman, who wants Robinson to go straight, advertises sales for his store so that his business booms. With the money rolling in, Robinson decides that maybe earning money honestly isn't so bad after all. He decides to go straight for real this time. Unfortunately, his old pal Quinn gets wind of his old plan and breaks out of jail to get in on the deal. There's nothing Robinson can do but follow Quinn's orders.

Playing baseball for the prison team

Mademoiselle Gloria (owns a lingerie store): Well I wish you'd drop in and look over my lingerie sometime.  
J. Chalmers 'Pressure' Maxwell (Robinson): Well, you drop in sometime and look over my trunks.

Quinn means business

Never thought you'd see Robinson dressed as Santa did you?
Well, you just did.

It was fun seeing Jackie Gleason. I didn't recognize him at first! You can see the start of the famous Jackie Gleason facial expressions. It just looks like he's trying to imitate Ralph Kramden and failing though.

This film wasn't as good as The Whole Town's Talking that I posted about last Sunday, but it was still enjoyable to watch.

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This film airs on TCM on Sept. 18th at 10:15am EST.

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