Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Features

You may or may not have noticed that I have added two more pages underneath my blog header: Anniversaries and TCM Schedule.

The Anniversaries page has upcoming 100th birthdays of actors both living and passed on, 10th, 25th, and 50th anniversaries of death, deaths so far this year, and films celebrating their 50th anniversary.

The TCM Schedule page gives the dates and times for movies showing on TCM that I think are worth watching. Many I have already seen but some of them are ones that I will be watching. I will be updating it every month. On those that I can find trailers to, I will link them in the title.

I will also be adding a new feature: Netflix Monthly Movies, where I will review a classic movie currently on Netflix Instant. Most of the movies on Netflix seem to be one's that aren't well known and have actors with names no one really remembers anymore. This doesn't always mean the movie is bad however. And a lot of times, there is no trailer on YouTube either, so the only way to know if the movie is good or not is to watch it. My first review will be this coming Monday: The Flight That Disappeared (1961). The Blonde at the Film also posts about the more famous classic movies currently on Netflix Instant.

I started a Facebook Page where I will be posting random photos, quotes, and interesting tidbits about Classic Hollywood, as well as letting you know when there is a new post on this blog. Please go "like" it!!!!

Thanks for looking!

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